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Clipping Pilot is a software application intended for photo editing
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Clipping Pilot is a software application intended for photo editing. Unlike other photo editors and enhancers that allow a wide range of operations, Clipping Pilot has a single purpose, making photo montages.
This application is very easy to use, and that is the reason why you might prefer it over more sophisticated tools. Just to make its operation even easier, the developer has included several demos that will clear out all your doubts. Now, what this program mainly does is clipping an object or a person from a snapshot and overlap the resulting image on another photo. Let me explain that with an example, you may clip your image in a photo that was taken at home, and insert it into a picture of a beach, to make it look as if you were actually there. Additionally, you can also highlight an individual element by applying filters to the rest of the image, such as substituting the background by a definite color, applying a shadow, blurring the background and transforming a colorful background into a monochromatic one.
The process of finding an object’s outline is very easy; you just need to mark the borders roughly and the application will find the exact outline with great precision. After that, you can apply the chosen effect or save the object, which means storing the clipped image in the clipboard, ready to be pasted against another background.
Despite the fact that results of using this software application are fairly good, if you are an advanced user you should take a look at more sophisticated photo editing tools for more professional outcome.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It clips images easily


  • It has a narrow usage
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